Humans need art to meet the needs of the taste. Art Culture is a skill to express ideas or ideas of aesthetics in the form of works that can express human feelings.

In the Cultural Arts lesson students are given the opportunity to express their creative ideas and to appreciate art by way of illustrating personal experiences, digging / exploring feeling, and make observations of the process, and techniques in accordance with cultural values ​​and beauty that exist in society.

Why do we have to study Art and Culture?

Through the Cultural Arts, students are invited to develop the soul of creativity, sensory sensitivity, and able to create art in the environment and conditions that directed, as stock student at the time a direct role as an agent of social life.

What is the benefit if we mastered Art and Culture?

Actually learn the benefits of Cultural Art is not only make life more beautiful, but many other benefits to be gained. By mastering the most important cultural art that everyone can develop an attitude of tolerance in a pluralistic society and to develop imaginative intellectual ability, expression, taste sensitivity, and skills to apply technology in creative and showcase the work of art.

Standards of competence and basic competences of these subjects into the direction and foundation for developing subject matter, learning activities, and indicators of achievement of competency for assessment. All the material SK and KD on each level / degree of competence is divided into credit units of competence (SKK) in a balanced manner as prescribed for the level / degree of competency in question. In designing learning and assessment activities need to pay attention Process Standards and Assessment Standards.


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8 Responses to ART AND CULTURE

  1. ekaX4YPHB says:

    belajar seni menurut saya sangat menyenagkan. karena dengan belajar kesenian kita bisa mengasah kreativitas kita , dan juga membuat kita menjadi lebih ekspresif.

  2. Ris Imam Nur Adrian says:

    pa mungkinkah bila harus belajar seni harus ada skill?,lalu bagaimana kalo tidak mempunyai skill?

    • rullyyphb says:

      Wah Ris Imam Nur Adrian, ini pertanyaan bagus.. tp tenang, gak harus punya, dan nanti justru di sekolah YPHB ini kan kita coba untuk meningkatkan skill kita dengan mencoba belajar dan berkarya ya..

  3. bagus pak, lengkap
    kalo bisa publish lg dong pak karya karya murid yang lain .

  4. Ari Zenal says:

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